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Hair Loss

A preparation for hair loss treatment, which efficiency is approved by the FDA, is called Rogaine 5%. It is used to help the growth of hair, lost because of hereditary factors.

Product information

Rogaine 5% foam contains 50mg of Minoxidil. Such concentration of the active ingredient is usually applied in the therapy of male pattern baldness. Women are commonly recommended to apply a lower dose of the preparation as they are more inclined to evolving negative reactions.

The exact mechanism of action of Rogaine 5% is not totally clear. Yet, according to some assumptions, the medication improves the circulation of blood around the hair follicles thus promoting the hair growth.

The first results of treatment may be noticed in about half a year after the therapy begins. Unfortunately, a patient may start losing his new hair as soon as Rogaine 5% is discontinued.

Safety information

To prevent the appearance of any unwanted reactions, you have to consult with a medical specialist prior to using the foam. Tell him or her if you have:

• Any skin conditions, which need treatment (e.g. head skin injuries, cuts, eczema, psoriasis, irritation);

• Problems with the heart. For example, chronic heart failure, angina or a history of heart attack;

• Allergy to Minoxidil or any inactive component of the medication;

• Liver or kidney issues;

Furthermore, you’d better make a list of all medicines, vitamins, herbal products, and supplements you administer to talk with your doctor about the possibility of any hazardous interactions. Rogaine 5% is not intended for use in women.

At the initial stages of treatment, men may notice more hair falls out. It’s a normal reaction to the medication, so there’s no need to worry. The hair will grow again. Another issue one may face is too thin or colorless new hair. It is a temporary condition and as the therapy continues, the hair will look the same as the rest on your head.

Apply the foam two times a day unless your healthcare provider told you to use it differently. You should avoid any contacts of the scalp with the water for four hours after using the medication. Besides, try to stay away from physical activity to prevent excessive sweating.

You shouldn’t apply Rogaine 5% to any other parts of the body except the scalp. Avoid any contact of Rogaine 5% with the eyes and mucous membranes.

Side effects

The percent of individuals experiencing any adverse reactions when using Rogaine is very low. Nevertheless, you should be ready for all the possible adverse effects that may take place. To such effects belong:

• Irritation, redness or itching in the area where the foam was applied;

• Pain in back;

• Nasal congestion, sore throat;

• Irritation of the eyes;

• Dryness of the skin in the affected area;

• Muscle spasms;

• Changes in the heart rhythm and blood pressure;

• Headache;

• Faintness, dizziness;

• Swelling of the upper or lower extremities;

• Fast changes of the body mass (either weight gain because of edema or weight loss).

The list of side effects may be continued, so you’d better talk to your healthcare provider to learn the details. Having noticed any signs of negative effects, seek medical help. Never start the therapy without the doctor’s recommendation. It may be dangerous for your health.

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